The Klen Genie (霜洁精灵) is a NEA-licensed cleaning company registered in Singapore. We offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties, including shopping malls, condominium complexes, residential homes and office premises.

Our work is defined by 3 hallmarks:

Quality, Convenience, Customer Experience

Quality: We believe in investing in our people. Our cleaning crew are required to undergo both certified and in-house training before they are deployed for cleaning assignments. They are also trained to operate high-tech cleaning tools and equipment to deliver efficient and quality services.

Convenience: We recognize that cleaning assignments are sometimes part of a greater need. That is why our operations team comprises not just cleaning professionals, but also a complementary crew of professional movers and home caregivers. The mix of specialties allow us to deliver holistic, 1-stop services for office/house shifting, as well as personal home care.

Customer Experience: Our service is more than a business transaction; it is also about building lasting relationships with our clients. Personalized cleaning allow us to focus on delivering what the customer only needs, and ensure we offer the best bang-for-the-buck experience to our valuable clients. After all, a happy customer makes a happy business.